Monday, November 19, 2007

Windlight WOW ! Linden Lab irritation and Pet Peeves!

I was ever so briefly able to use Windlight! All I can say is FABULOSO!!! Yes it's beautiful and yes it has some weird texture quirks but ... did i mention it's FABULOSO....

I have a few pics on snapzilla ... hopefully more soon ... if I ever get it to work again :(

Usually, I don't have too many bad things to say about LL but I'm a little pissy right now! Here is the series of events:
1. loaded Windlight Friday - worked great - took a bunch of silly pics of nothing in particular. 2. Saturday morning tried to log - crashed during log-in. 3. Thought it could be Windlight so I tried the regular client - this is where things went really WRONG!!! 4. Every time I try to open any version of the LL viewer the damn thing crashes on start-up. I don't even get to the log in screen!!! 5. OK, after calming down and breathing in a paper bag a few times I realize ... oh I can just reinstall ... few relief! 6. WRONG!!! Uninstalled - reinstalled ... repeat .... STILL CRASHING ON START-UP EVERY TIME!!!!

So, anyway I think you can get the general idea of the problem. I've done the usual stuff - sent a support ticket to LL - got a crappy response that DID NOT HELP!! Had to reopen the ticket and as of right now still no response. Thankfully I was able to load and use the On Rez viewer, so I am not in full SL withdrawal. I am however experiencing serious Windlight Withdrawal!!!

On another note! (still pissy) I want to mention a serious pet peeve of mine. I love to build and I can really appreciate the time, frustration, and love that goes into every structure I see in SL; for these reasons I must make one simple request. Please, look at your ceilings! Recently, I keep on coming across buildings that look wonderful from the outside but when I cam in and have a little peek .... OMG .... they have SHINGLES on the ceiling!!! WTF!!!! Who wants to see the exterior texture of your roof on the inside of your home? I mean seriously - this is not a good look 99% of the time! I will not name names - you know who you are!! Where is that damn paper bag I think I need it again.

Breathing ....

OK, I'm calm again (I think). Next time I will try to only be sweetness and light - hum .... well .... I'll try!

- Liz

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