Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lyndzay and Liz's Most Excellent adventure!

Fan smacking ... giant horse heads ... lipstick guns ... Oh My!!!
One of my most favorite things in SL is all the silliness.  At any given moment I may be smacked in the head by a giant fan, shot in the gut by a heart poofing lipstick gun, or spend a pleasant moment on a Gigantic Horse head!  These are just a few of the silly things I encounter every day in SL and man I love it.  With virtually no boundaries we can create anything and everything our tiny minds can imagine.  The byproduct of all this creativity is silliness ... the most amazing stress reliever!  Here is a little tidbit from todays adventures .. filmed by Lyndzay Meili (ooh please watch the volume per Lynd's request!)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Windlight WOW ! Linden Lab irritation and Pet Peeves!

I was ever so briefly able to use Windlight! All I can say is FABULOSO!!! Yes it's beautiful and yes it has some weird texture quirks but ... did i mention it's FABULOSO....

I have a few pics on snapzilla ... hopefully more soon ... if I ever get it to work again :(

Usually, I don't have too many bad things to say about LL but I'm a little pissy right now! Here is the series of events:
1. loaded Windlight Friday - worked great - took a bunch of silly pics of nothing in particular. 2. Saturday morning tried to log - crashed during log-in. 3. Thought it could be Windlight so I tried the regular client - this is where things went really WRONG!!! 4. Every time I try to open any version of the LL viewer the damn thing crashes on start-up. I don't even get to the log in screen!!! 5. OK, after calming down and breathing in a paper bag a few times I realize ... oh I can just reinstall ... few relief! 6. WRONG!!! Uninstalled - reinstalled ... repeat .... STILL CRASHING ON START-UP EVERY TIME!!!!

So, anyway I think you can get the general idea of the problem. I've done the usual stuff - sent a support ticket to LL - got a crappy response that DID NOT HELP!! Had to reopen the ticket and as of right now still no response. Thankfully I was able to load and use the On Rez viewer, so I am not in full SL withdrawal. I am however experiencing serious Windlight Withdrawal!!!

On another note! (still pissy) I want to mention a serious pet peeve of mine. I love to build and I can really appreciate the time, frustration, and love that goes into every structure I see in SL; for these reasons I must make one simple request. Please, look at your ceilings! Recently, I keep on coming across buildings that look wonderful from the outside but when I cam in and have a little peek .... OMG .... they have SHINGLES on the ceiling!!! WTF!!!! Who wants to see the exterior texture of your roof on the inside of your home? I mean seriously - this is not a good look 99% of the time! I will not name names - you know who you are!! Where is that damn paper bag I think I need it again.

Breathing ....

OK, I'm calm again (I think). Next time I will try to only be sweetness and light - hum .... well .... I'll try!

- Liz

Monday, November 12, 2007

On the Road Again!

Well, this is a little crazy but the shop is moving again. Actually, I currently don't even have a shop. If you would like to see a house please IM me in world - the new shop should be at it's final resting location by the beginning of December. Or maybe I'll just become a traveling circus.

I just finished my favorite home yet ... The Serendipity! It's really more a cottage then a true house, complete with porch swing. A big thank you goes out to Iceberg Greenberg for scripting the porch swing, if you need something scripted contact Ice in world (go on I know you want to)!!

So, I've been thinking of the home needs of a SL resident. Personally, I choose to mainly live outside in SL. Why box myself in when the weather is beautiful. With this in mind I was thinking of trying for a more open home style - but maybe I'm the only one in SL that feels this way. I guess it doesn't really matter in the end because I am going to build what I want ... so HA!! Here is my challenge to myself - make a open airy space that still holds the traditional architectural details I love. Can it be done? Of course it can! Will I succeed? .....

Monday, September 3, 2007


Hey Everyone!

This blog hasn't become what i would have hoped it to be ...... but maybe i can fix that!
The little prefab shop I have has moved form the mainland to a blissfully lag-free estate.
You can now come visit me in the Myla Islands on Myla Banana (10, 15, 22) - stop by and say hi!

So anyway - I am hoping to find some time to upgrade this blog and make it nicer and more interesting but i'm a little busy right now. Need to fix up the new shop and I have a plot in one of the Burning Life sims that i need to get ready for the festival. I also have a new house coming very soon - it is a wonderful little cottage with a side porch all ready for a porch swing. The rooflines are crazy but I love them and the inside is open and airy. I need to finish it pronto because I know a certain someone who is going to hunt me down and tie me to a prim if it isn't finished soon!
Uh Oh - I think I hear her coming!

- Liz Gealach