Monday, September 3, 2007


Hey Everyone!

This blog hasn't become what i would have hoped it to be ...... but maybe i can fix that!
The little prefab shop I have has moved form the mainland to a blissfully lag-free estate.
You can now come visit me in the Myla Islands on Myla Banana (10, 15, 22) - stop by and say hi!

So anyway - I am hoping to find some time to upgrade this blog and make it nicer and more interesting but i'm a little busy right now. Need to fix up the new shop and I have a plot in one of the Burning Life sims that i need to get ready for the festival. I also have a new house coming very soon - it is a wonderful little cottage with a side porch all ready for a porch swing. The rooflines are crazy but I love them and the inside is open and airy. I need to finish it pronto because I know a certain someone who is going to hunt me down and tie me to a prim if it isn't finished soon!
Uh Oh - I think I hear her coming!

- Liz Gealach