Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lyndzay and Liz's Most Excellent adventure!

Fan smacking ... giant horse heads ... lipstick guns ... Oh My!!!
One of my most favorite things in SL is all the silliness.  At any given moment I may be smacked in the head by a giant fan, shot in the gut by a heart poofing lipstick gun, or spend a pleasant moment on a Gigantic Horse head!  These are just a few of the silly things I encounter every day in SL and man I love it.  With virtually no boundaries we can create anything and everything our tiny minds can imagine.  The byproduct of all this creativity is silliness ... the most amazing stress reliever!  Here is a little tidbit from todays adventures .. filmed by Lyndzay Meili (ooh please watch the volume per Lynd's request!)

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Lyndzay said...

Silliness is a great pleasure in life, as well as having people to be silly with. It was a rocking good time -Lyndz