Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thistle: a rebirth of ideas and a promise of new creations

I'm horrified to see it has been so long since my last post. Oh well! A few things have changed since my last post. Fair Haven Designs has been reborn as THISTLE Homes! The new shop has a new location as well ... Avendale (176, 201, 21). This has been a wonderful move as this new location is in my home estate. Yes, I also live in the same sim as the shop and generally haunt it whenever I'm on. Please shout hello to me if u see me pop up on your radar. The new shop is in a converted Fire House, complete with Fire Truck and Fire Man's pole. Give the pole a try you can not only slide down but also shimmy you way up the pole. I had a wonderful time building this little shop ... had a little fun with rokuro and sculpty making for the bell on top. Also, I added by Panty Shooters, hanging on the outside clothesline, as dollerbies on the second floor. Since, Thistle has also become a great place to hangout and chat I have some seating and games on the second floor. If you are stopping by to take a look at the homes, don't miss the rez station behind the shop where u can demo each home!
The new shop name has come with a little rework of my hold homes too. I have added new door scripts and did a little resign of a few homes.

Just this past week I added a little green space next door. If traditional cottage homes aren't your thing you might enjoy Thistle park, just to the right of the shop!

Hope to see u soon!
Liz Gealach
Avendale (176, 201, 21)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Memory of @ashPEAmama

I have been touched by the support shown for a fellow twitter-er's family. Please consider contributing to the Ashley Spencer Memorial fund to aid the family in funeral costs and the care of Ashley's two small children.
Please click here to learn more